Dr. Jack Ayvazian

Assessment Information

Assessments are used to inform diagnoses and to develop a treatment plan responsive to the patient’s needs. Click on the links below for assessment information.

Find out specifically where your child is struggling, why the problem exists, and what can be done to enhance functioning.

If you have struggled in school and still struggle, have a hard time keeping a job or significant relationships. An assessment may help determine the issue.

We all want to support our elderly loved ones’ desires to remain independent and have a high quality of life. Get help with the challenges and concerns of aging.

From childhood to adulthood, an evaluation allows one to identify specific strength and weaknesses. 

Dr. Ayvazian performs assessments in all areas of neuropsychological and psychological functioning.

Dr. Ayvazian has been certified by the California Division of Worker’s Compensation Medical Unit to evaluate injured workers.


About our evaluations

Dr. Ayvazian performs neuropsychological evaluations on children, adults, and seniors.

He performs evaluations for Workers’ Compensation patients for the State of California. In addition, he is on the faculty at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles where he performs in-patient psychological and neuropsychological assessments and psychotherapy and he trains medical staff.

Areas of Evaluation

His evaluations are designed to identify deficits in the areas of attention and concentration, auditory processing, executive functioning, language, learning, memory, motor skills, and other areas of neuropsychological functioning.

Treatment Plans

He also assesses psychological functioning including mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and personality changes. The assessment enables him to develop a treatment plan designed to help the patient improve their functioning and quality of life.

Empowering You to
Be Your Best Self

To set up an appointment, call Dr. Ayvazian’s office or send an e-mail through the contact page on this website. To learn more about neuropsychological and psychological functioning please investigate the resources provided on this website under Resources+