Qualified Medical Evaluator

Dr. Ayvazian is a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME), and has been certified by the California Division of Worker’s Compensation Medical Unit to evaluate injured workers.

At times, a psychological injury can develop out of a physical injury that has led to chronic pain, such as an injury to the back, neck, or shoulders. There may be injuries to other parts of the body as well. Chronic pain can lead to depression and/or anxiety. The symptoms of depression and anxiety may include problems with mood, sleep, motivation, energy, and concentration. A psychological injury can also develop out of sexual harassment, a hostile work environment, and other types of work-related trauma. Dr. Ayvazian evaluates disability claims and writes reports that assist in processing and settling Workers’ Compensation benefits based on psychological functioning.

As a neuropsychologist, Dr. Ayvazian assesses head and brain injuries that may result from blows to the head that have occurred in the context of the work environment. Work-related head injuries may be the result of a robbery, exposure to toxic substances, vehicle accidents, or being hit by an object. The result may be functional impairments in the areas of memory, attention and concentration, planning, task completion, and reasoning ability.

The Q.M.E. process is started when a Workers’ Compensation claim is filed. The DWC Medical Unit then generates a “Q.M.E. Panel” that is sent to the patient, and contains the names and numbers of three Q.M.E. doctors who are usually close to the injured worker’s home. The injured worker can then choose a doctor from the list. If the injured worker does not choose a doctor in a timely manner, then the insurance adjuster will make the choice. When an injured worker is represented by an attorney, a panel of doctors is requested by the DWC Medical Unit, after which the applicant attorney and the defense attorney each eliminate a doctor from the list of three doctors provided. The remaining doctor is then asked to perform the evaluation.

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