Dr. Ayvazian

Dr. Ayvazian received his undergraduate degree at U.C.L.A., his doctorate at U.S.C., and his neuropsychology training at the Fielding Institute in Orange County, California. He performs neuropsychological assessments in his private practice, at schools, and in hospital settings. He is on staff at White Memorial Medical Center. He also performs forensic evaluations.

Dr. Ayvazian’s experience and training has involved the assessment of children, adults, and seniors. By performing formal evaluations, he has helped patients identify problems with memory, attention and concentration, language, visual-spatial reasoning, and other areas of functioning. Dr. Ayvazian’s treatment plans are developed with a specific client’s needs and deficits in mind, and are designed to improve patient functioning.

Dr. Ayvazian believes neuropsychological testing helps an individual understand her/his own strengths and weaknesses. This information can be very useful in developing a treatment plan that builds on those strengths, supports the weaknesses, and helps create a work and leisure environment that lets them thrive.

Dr. Ayvazian has also assessed adults with brain injuries or who have pre-existing deficits, as well as seniors concerned about memory and general cognitive functioning. He has testified in court on behalf of individuals of all ages.

Dr. Jack Ayvazian